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Travilla Black Lace Skirt Suit

Travilla Black Lace Skirt Suit

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Why MK chose this piece: obsessed with skirt suits for cocktail and evening - so sexy and confident ; anything black lace; flattering cut; exceptional construction; designed by William Travilla, a renowned American costume designer and couturier who is best-known for two of Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic dresses, including the pleated ivory cocktail dress she wore in The Seven Year Itch and in the famous photograph above the subway ventilation grate. He won numerous Emmy’s and Oscars for his film work, and designed the costumes for The Thornbirds and DALLAS (mind blown). Need I say more? Absolutely enthralled with him.



Fits like: M

Shoulder: 15”

Bust: 35”

Waist: 30”

Length: 24”


Waist: 28”

Hips: 39”

Length: 24”


Era: 1980s

Brand: Travilla

Fabric: Lace, silk, silk lined

Condition: Excellent


Model is 5’9” and normally a size 6/8.

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