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Perrine Summer Play Suit

Perrine Summer Play Suit

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We are so excited to introduce to you our FIRST EVER product designed and hand-sewn in-house here at MK Quinlan!!

Along with owning a store, designing clothing has always been a bucket list dream of mine, and with the help of Lauren Northcutt - our in-house seamstress - we’ve made a big step towards that goal :)

The Perrine play suit was inspired by a vintage garment that I bought over 5 years ago - something that was super lightweight and easy to throw on at the beach after a day in the sun. I’ve worn it countless times to dinner on the coast, to the grocery store in B’ham, belted or unbelted. It’s been a critical piece of my wardrobe for when the heat is just unbearable.

Lauren and I sourced some really high-quality cotton Cabana striped fabric that was substantial enough to feel luxurious, but lightweight enough to really give us all a break when it’s 110 degrees out. 

The play suit is ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST. Lauren is a size 0 and I am a size 8 and both wear the Perrine very comfortably and attractively. It is meant to have a wispy, oversized look :)

Bust: up to 40"

Waist: up to 46"

Length (shoulder to hem) - 56"

Adjustable neck width with tie back 

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